Moist Heat Therapy

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  • Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs

    SKU: ACC500

    Thermal Core® Moist Heat Packs deliver deep, penetrating moist heat therapy to help relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. The packs are available in various sizes for use on backs, necks, and other extremities to help relieve muscle soreness, sprains, or arthritis pain.

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  • MicroBeads Moist Heat Therapy Packs

    SKU: ACC520

    Soothe aching muscles and ease pain with MicroBeads® Moist Heat Therapy Packs. Most experts recommend moist heat over dry heat to help relieve pain. When comparing these two methods, moist heat penetrates deeper into the affected area and helps increase tissue elasticity. It is also less likely to cause skin dehydration, making it ideal for patients with dry and/or aging skin.


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  • Thermal Core Moist Heat Pack Covers

    SKU: ACC853

    Thermal Core Pack Covers, available in six sizes to accomodate many patient needs.

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  • Versa-Bath Heating Unit

    SKU: THM2511
    The first multi-purpose water bath. Used for conditioning Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs, or as a water bath for molding thermoplastic splinting and casting materials. Seamless design and double wall insulation make Versa-Bath efficient and easy to clean! > More Info
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